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The project was joint initiative between Computers for Growth and students of the University of Nairobi, CURI and KUWA implemented in Vihiga, Kakamega county. The objective of Computers for Growth was to design a community computer centre. Once KUWA got involved, it involved its partners, CURI and the UoN. As part of its students’ network, KUWA led a design thinking and participatory design workshops with students of University of Nairobi, CURI and Computers for Growth. Design thinking processes were used to ensure effective planning process of the Kasavai Resource Center. They used the process to learn and plan their community engagement and process on the field.

After training on participatory research with partners and students, the students travelled to the site. Three students did field work in Kakamega. They were hosted by community members in Kasavai primary school to better serve their immmersification and empathy stage of the design thinking process. They visited Kasavai primary school grounds where the resource center was to be located and had a focus group discussion with the school board as well as the local administration led by their chief.
Students identified high level of computer illiteracy, distance covered to access services was too far since one of them is Chavakali in Vihiga county and Kakamega town which is 30 Km from the village is the other alternative and the quality of the services offered at the town centres were of poor quality since they used old models of computers and printing machines. 
After the students engaged community and assessed the surroundings they found that the community computer centre can serve more than just a computer centre. The initial aim of the project was to design a community computer centre but as a result of participatory research carried out by the students, they sought to establish and manage a center where knowledge and information can be shared and generated on various issues from Environment and Natural Resource management, where farmers, youth, men and women, can get information in order to empower them to address problems on health, environment, agriculture and social issues in order to improve and sustain a good quality of life and a computer lab which will allow the community to utilize the internet as well as provide a library for the primary school and the community. 
The centre, through community engagement and consultations was seen to be more than just a computer lab. This process showed that the centre can serve as a computer lab. Some of the facilities recommended included an ICT center fully equipped with computers and full internet access, a library and a class for the adult class as well as use of the physically challenged being regarded as a consideration in the designing of the resource center. 
The computer resource center was constructed in Kasavai primary school which is approximately 750 meters off Kisumu-Kakamega road. 
The facility ended up being more than just a computer lab since it now helps in promoting better healthcare, agriculture, entertainment and social interaction among members.


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