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Making Cities Together

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An inventory of 17 existing public spaces in Nairobi was done in order to better understand the city’s socio-economic system. KUWA came on board and has been on the frontlines of the project together with Placemakers and the community in the implementation of this project.

During the Placemaking Design Lab in May 2015, 3 intervention strategies were developed for the streets of Korogocho, the courtyards in Dandora and the Jeevanjee

Gardens respectively. A jury of prime stakeholders selected ‘Must Seed’ Intervention strategy for Dandora as the best Placemaking Design.

KUWA instigated and developed a bottom up approach through participatory planning to co create solutions specifically applicable to the community and the challenges they face. This strategy is being implemented on the ground by local youth groups who teamed up to form Dandora Transformation League (DTL), Cave, KUWA and Placemakers.


The ‘Model Street’ is designed to enhance livability, interaction and safety in meeting places and street upgrading interventions; welcoming gate ways, benches, attractive art patterns, colourful paving, trees, lighting, play facilities and bins. This is being done in the following ways:

1. Entrance of the model street which welcome the public, creating local identity and show the change and pride of the people living within the block and working on the streets. This being a people-centred project, the community asked that this be an element of the street.

2. Meeting places along the Model Street to stimulate social greater interaction within a bigger community and eyes on the street.

3. Rehabilitation throughinvolvement of the local vendors and business owners as stakeholders and find ways that their businesses can be formalised. Kiosks will be designed to be Dandora specific and unique to Dandora in an effort to boost the economy of the community.


What makes the implementation of the model street unique?

1. Using building parties to engaging the community in improving their street through a painting collaboration between the local artists, the children and professional artists, tree planting activities carried out by both architects and the local community as well as having bonding through a shared meal after a day’s hard work.

2. Elaboration and realization of the community’s design ideas

The gateways and the dustbins were among some of the installations designed and requested during the design workshops the implementation team engaged the community team in.

These designs were elaborated by the team and articulated into formal designs that would be installed along the model street.

3. The implementation team builds up on the community’s development strategy by scaling it up to a higher level from one model court to the whole street with the aim of improving the whole neighbourhood.


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