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Nairobi Design Week

Nairobi Design Week

Community Student Network, KUWA Do Tank

Brief background
Nairobi Design Week was initiated in 2015 with the aim of celebrating and creating awareness on the vibrant design scene in Kenya and the continent since its influence is rapidly increasing across the divide.Nairobi Design Week has been positioned as the first annual design week in Africa, dedicated to showing how Nairobi has become a design hub for solving problems since its inception.
Kuwa was one of the organizations invited to speak at the Design and public space workshops on the 17th and 18th of November 2015.
Kuwa was represented by her founder, Zahra Kassam who shared her experiences in designing with the community as far as urban spaces are concerned, how the company addresses urban planning in

Kenya and how the company is influencing urban planning processes used here toward a more people oriented bottom up approach and how Kuwa is influencing the next generation of planners through a program developed to bridge the gap for students between theory and practice.
The second installment was held in 2016 between the 3rdof November to the 12thof November.
The aim of initiating Nairobi Design Week was to celebrate Nairobi's design scene and raise awareness on the importance of design in other disciplines both social and economic.
Through the forum, various designers would converge, network and have a dialogue on how to improve the design scene as well as improve each other’s practices.
The organizers also aimed at exposing their audience to novel ways of designing, creating and doing business as means of fostering growth.
The forum also aimed to highlight the informal Jua Kali sector, how it runs and its mechanisms.

Project Partners
The week was initiated by the Nairobi Design Week team led by Adrian Jankowiak.

ThinkPlace Design Matatu.
The Design Matatu Experience forum was a creative experience meant to empower the everyday person to redesign their travel experience. 
Given Kuwa’s experience in using participatory planning as a design approach, the Kuwa team were among 30 participants from diverse backgrounds invited to take a ride in the ThinkPlace Design Matatu and work towards creating solutions meant to help improve the experience of riding in a matatu and how matatus could be safer.
NDW Forum
NDW Forum was held to discuss the future of design thinking.
Story telling was the theme of the forum whereby participants shared their successes and failures in the design industry. 
The Kuwa team also engaged the speakers in analyzing how designers can navigate design’s next evolution as well as the future of design in Nairobi with more and more designers beginning to adopt design thinking in their trade, a tool Kuwa has been a forerunner in advocating for in the country.


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