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Nairobi Placemaking Week

Nairobi Placemaking Week

Community Student Network, KUWA Do Tank

Brief background
Nairobi Placemaking Week was a celebration of public spaces in Nairobi. This was done by engaging the public in community led activities in partnership with various organizations and agencies with the aim of also sensitizing them on the importance of public spaces and changing their outlook on public spaces. 
The aim initiating Nairobi Placemaking Week was to celebrate Nairobi's public spaces and raise awareness on them, activate public spaces through a variety of low cost high impact interventions,

stimulate conversations between professionals from various disciplines on the quality of life in the city, and foster partnerships and collaborations aimed at sustaining public spaces within the framework of the New Urban Agenda as well as advocate for a healthier, safer, more inclusive Nairobi.

Project Partners
The week was initiated by the Nairobi City Council (NCC) in collaboration with UN-Habitat among other partners, Kuwa being among them.
Other partners were:
Architects Without Borders, Dandora Transformation League, Hope raisers, Kounkuey Design Initiative, Mondeas Group, Mobility, Slum Architects and Stitching Placemakers.

The week was scheduled to run from 28th Nov to 4th Dec 2016 with many activities like cleanups, dialogue events, art and culture exhibitions, pizza parties, open mic sessions and a movie ight. 
Wednesday (30 Nov): Pedestrianisation of Muindi Mbingu and Moktah Daddah street.

This initiative was a joint effort by the Nairobi City County’s traffic engineers and the traffic police, UN Habitat, Kuwa, Slum Architects and Architects Without Borders. 
The Kuwa team worked together with Slum Architects, university students and the general public in painting a colourful unorthodox zebra crossing across Muindi Mbingu as well as a lane for cyclists and wheel chair users to use with the aim of creating awareness of non-motorized transport safety and creating awareness with regards to the challenges faced by non- motorized transport users whose needs are rarely considered in transport planning and infrastructure construction.
The Kuwa team also collaborated with Slum Architects and University in the making of street furniture lining the streets.

Sunday (4 Dec): Critical Mass Event around CBD
On this day, a loop in the CBD was closed down to illustrate the number of people who use bicycles as their form of transport to create awareness of the challenges faced by cyclists in Nairobi CBD and guided a discussion on possible solutions that can be undertaken by the city council. 
As a climax to the week that was, Kuwa also led a group of university students in the clean up and painting of the Jeevanjee gardens with a view to raise awareness on how beautiful the public space and its potential.


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